Multi-Doctor Story Announced: "Jim"

Although we've been experiencing slight delays with our latest audio (it's really getting there now, promise!), we're still very much looking ahead.

This February, The Fruit-Pastel Doctor, The Sorry Doctor, The Pompous Doctor and The Dynamite Doctor will all meet up in our most ambitious project yet: Jim.

The Doctors are all brought together by a man who's life they have collectively made hell: Jim.

Jim stars Benji Clifford, Daniel Sherratt, Billy Treacy, Jon Gransden and Christopher Thomson, with David McLaughlin, Sam Dimitrijevic and Richard B Brookes also featuring.

The musical score shall be composed by David Boskett, a new face to the audios - although he is set to play Grudgeworthy in our latest upcoming audio A Good Pug Goes to War.

Jim will be split into four 10-20 minute parts, with a story that has been hinted at for quite some time.

You can view the poster as well as discover which audios have featured Jim's voice/name before. As for the reasons as to why his voice/name is knocking about, you'll soon find out...

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  1. This... Wouldn't have drawn inspiration from The Light at the End, would it?