"Jim" Cover Revealed

Coming this February, Jim is our most ambitious project yet, with four Doctors in the centre of a tale of despair and hilarity.

You can view the new cover here, featuring Benji Clifford (top left), Daniel Sherratt (top right), Billy Treacy (bottom left), Jon Gransden (bottom right) and Christopher Thomson (centre).

Jim is a four part adventure of 10-20 minute episodes.

Part One is set to be released Friday 7th February.


  1. Yes. Yes, good.

  2. I would love a coffee table-sized book of photos of Fruit Pastel pointing at things.

  3. I love how all the classic Doctors are all laid back, and the there's Dynamite like- 'YEAH LET'S BE OVER THE TOP AND DRAMATIC. *CATCHPHRASE* I'M THE LAST OF MY KIND YEAH!"

    Also this looks very good.