"Convolution of The Doctor" and "The Search for Ireland" Covers Unveiled

The title for The Dynamite Doctor's upcoming adventure, we are happy to announce, is Convolution of The Doctor.

The covers for both this adventure and The Sorry Doctor's second wave The Search For Ireland are now available.

Due to circumstances that some may find obvious once the cover art for it is revealed, Mayday of The Doctor has been moved back until after The Sorry Doctor's second wave.

Convolution of The Doctor, written by Joel H Joelson (A Good Pug Goes to War), is an audiobook read by Jon Gransden which follows The Dynamite Doctor and his latest companion Christie, as they travel to Cardiff to meet a new old friend. It will be split into two parts (Side A and Side B), and is set to be another epic addition to our most chaotic Doctor's adventures.
Convolution of The Doctor
The Search For Ireland

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