New Waves for Dynamite and Fruit Pastel

We're very excited to finally announce that both The Dynamite Doctor and The Fruit Pastel Doctor shall be embarking on their own standalone waves of adventures later this year! The Dynamite Doctor shall be the first of the two to bring his wave to the table, which is titled Boom Goes the Dynamite. Fruit Pastel will be next with Forbidden Fruit Pastel.

The Fruit Pastel Doctor is the earliest incarnation on record, and has a tendency to laugh at inappropriate occasions, offer the most unhelpful of suggestions and - of course - provide the odd fruit pastel. He was first heard briefly in Doctor3, though his first proper adventure was The Lift of Doom, the first audio of this year.

The Dynamite Doctor is at the other end of the spectrum, being our latest known incarnation so far. On the other side of the Classic/New Series divide, this Doctor is known for saving the day against one-dimensional villains, usually by manipulating people into sacrificing themselves for him. He was introduced in Doctor3, where he served as the antithesis for The Pompous Doctor.

This decision was made due to the multiple requests we've been receiving asking to see more of these Doctors, as well as the enthusiasm of both Jon Gransden and Benji Clifford, who portray these brilliantly flawed incarnations. Once we had some good ideas for where we would be taking these Doctors, it was impossible not to give them space to embark on their own adventures outside the Multi-Doctor stories and standalone specials that they already feature in.

Their debut waves shall be four episodes each. Dynamite will be enjoying a new set of audiobook style adventures, like he was given in Dynamite of The Doctor, whilst Fruit Pastel will be continuing along our more traditional trend. You can find out their exact placement within our schedule by visiting our Episodes List.

Before that, though, both Doctors still have a special each to enjoy. Fruit Pastel's story, which is out after Jim, is Mayday of The Doctor, and Dynamite shall be featuring in an upcoming adventure penned by Joel H Joelson, writer for A Good Pug Goes to War.


  1. Really looking forward to it. It's a shame we'll have to wait 25 weeks.

  2. This is great! Or should I say... Dynamite! E-he-he-he!