The Sorry Doctor - Wave Two: The Search for Ireland

Wave 2, Episode 1
Trouble at Chapel
A trip to the Sistine Chapel brings The Doctor and David face-to-face with Michelangelo. And an alien space lizard.

Originally Released: 2nd May 2014

Wave 2, Episode 2
The Daleks are back with a brand new design thanks to a sinister amoral corporation known only as the Radiophonic Workshop...

Originally Released: 14th May 2014

Wave 2, Episode 3
The Doctor and David come across a Space Oracle in a graveyard. And David is dead.

Originally Released: 4th June 2014

Wave 2, Episode 4
The Doctor: The Interactive Intergalactic Exhibit. Take a tour along the recreations of key places from The Doctor's life, from his halls of residence on Gallifrey to a London Underground toilet where he battled the deadly Zarbi.
Originally Released: 24th June 2014