Christopher Johnson and Britty Lea join Cast for Darker Paths

We're very excited to announce that we're getting a TARDIS trio (depending on whether or not you count Martin) for The Pompous Doctor's third wave Darker Paths.

Christopher Johnson and Britty Lea

First of all we have Christopher Johnson joining us as Tim, an apprentice Time Lord from Gallifrey. Chris is probably best known for his appearance in the 5WF video How to Watch Doctor Who, although he does a bit of CBBC television presenting on the side.

Also joining us for Darker Paths is Britty Lea, who will be playing Wren, a new companion (and the first human one we've had for Pompous in these audios, incidentally!). Britty has been a fan of ours for quite some time, and it's great that we've finally managed to get her involved somehow!

We're very excited about Darker Paths, but first we'll be taking a quick sidestep with The Fruit Pastel Doctor in his latest special: Mayday of The Doctor.

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