War of The Doctors - Coming January 2015

We’re excited to announce that our upcoming multi-Doctor story beginning next January is titled: War of The Doctors. We've also released a special visual trailer, alongside a brief synopsis and our cast list.

What if one of The Doctors really lost it? What if Doctors were actually pitted against each other in the way that we sometimes have them pit against each other in our heads? We’ve seen Doctors sass one another, so what would happen if that was taken to the extreme?

The Doctors are summoned together to stop an incarnation that has gone rogue. As uneasy alliances are made and two immense forces gather against one another, the universe beings to unravel into chaos; The Doctor is at war with himself.

War of The Doctors stars Benji Clifford, Daniel Sherratt, Billy Treacy and Jon Gransden, alongside Livvy Douglas, George Broad, David McLaughlin, Christopher Johnson, Christel Dee, Richard B Brookes and Sam Dimitrijevic. It is written by Joel H Joelson and Billy Treacy, and will feature music by David Boskett and Daniel Sherratt.

You can now access all of our adventures so far on iTunes here.

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