The Dynamite Doctor - Wave One: Boom Goes the Dynamite

Wave 1, Episode 1
More of the Daleks
The Daleks are everywhere. And they’re all just a little bit rubbish.

Originally Released: 10th June 2015

Wave 1, Episode 2
A dark and dangerous secret lies in the depths of the abandoned Blobbyland theme park…

Originally Released: 2nd July 2015

Wave 1, Episode 3
The Last Laugh
A lone Sontaran plots the destruction of a comedy club and the Doctor has to prove to Christie that he has a dynamite sense of humour.

Originally Released: 22nd July 2015

Wave 1, Episode 4
Fondness and Creatures
An unfortunate incident in the past sparks a spiteful vendetta against the Doctor.

Originally Released: 4th September 2015

Wave 1, Episode 5
The Doctor faces his greatest threat yet: the Devil.

Originally Released: 4th September 2015