Aimless Wanderings LIVE: The Pompous Redemption - 18th March 2018

Big news for you aimless wanderers: The Pompous Redemption is out on the 24th March 2018. Can't wait that long? Well, guess what: you'll be able to hear it exclusively on the FiveWhoFans Spreaker just under a week earlier.

Tune in at 7PM (or preferably a bit earlier so you don't miss anything!) on 18th March for Aimless Wanderings LIVE: The Pompous Redemption, where you'll be able to listen to the Pompous Doctor's newest adventure starring Billy Treacy and Jenny Lippman. We'll be leaving links both here and on our Twitter and Facebook feeds so you don't miss out.

After the adventure is over, it'll be just under a week's wait before you can hear it again, both on Spreaker and iTunes, so if you just can't wait and want to avoid spoilers, make sure you tune in next Sunday!

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