Doctor Who: Aimless Wanderings Returns! (Again)

Doctor Who: Aimless Wanderings is back! Again! For the last time!

From an alternate universe unaffected by expository dialogue and global pandemics, the Doctor is back; all of them.

Follow the Fruit Pastel, Sorry, Pompous, Dynamite and Quintessential Doctors on comedic misadventures through space and time.

Episodes will be released as and when, with a more flexible schedule in place. This means we'll be jumping between Doctors on an episode-by-episode basis to accommodate everyone's busy schedules.

We've been working in secret for the last month or so to have a good few stories stored up in preparation for when we return. For an idea of what's coming up, check the Episodes page, where you'll be able to get some idea of what is in store for each Doctor.

The first of the new adventures, I Hate Mondays, featuring Benji Clifford as the Fruit Pastel Doctor, is available to listen to here.

Cover art by Jon Gransden and Daniel Sherratt

The series continues with a multi-Doctor story: Christmas Two. It stars Jon Gransden and Billy Treacy and shall be released 25th July 2020.

Cover art by Jon Gransden and Daniel Sherratt

We're so excited to be continuing this big, ridiculous, intertwining story with you all. Keep an ear out and make sure you're subscribed to Aimless Wanderings on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask below! We'll be aiming to update our FAQ section accordingly.

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