Multiple Doctor Stories

Three incarnations of the Doctor are brought together to do battle against a rogue Time-Lord known only as The Scientist.

Originally Released: 15th November 2013

The Fruit Pastel Doctor's TARDIS breaks down in marshland, forcing him to hitchhike in search of scientific equipment. Meanwhile, Jim gets the lead role in the school play.

Originally Released: 7th February 2014
The Sorry Doctor and David find themselves inside a greenhouse facing a swarm with a terrible plan. Meanwhile, Jim is getting mugged by two thugs.

Originally Released: 19th February 2014
The Pompous Doctor and Martin uncover a scheme run by a rogue Time-Lord. As these events unfold, Jim starts to uncover revelations at his office job.

Originally Released: 13th March 2014
The Dynamite Doctor bumps into Tulip - allegedly one of the most important people in the universe - and battles a Time Demon. As this is occurring, Jim is looking after his nan.

Originally Released: 21st March 2014

A call to arms brings the Doctors to Cardiff, where a mysterious woman is awaiting them...

Originally Released: 31st January 2015

Whilst three Doctors search for answers, a fourth strikes an alliance with their deadliest enemies.

Originally Released: 6th February 2015

The Doctors have to build up a force capable of stopping their rogue incarnation and his horde of Daleks.

Originally Released: 12th February 2015

On the eve of war, billions of lives hang in the balance. Can the Doctors prevent mass slaughter at the hands of one of their own?

Originally Released: 13th March 2015

An immense battle commences that will disrupt time and space alike.

Originally Released31st March 2015

The Doctors are captured, the rogue incarnation is victorious, and a shocking revelation is set to change their lives forever...

Originally Released: 8th April 2015

Back from the funeral of an old friend, the Pompous Doctor and Tim encounter a new one.

Originally Released: 31st October 2015

The most chaotic incarnation teams up with a timid one to run the most hated pub in Britain.

Originally Released: 23rd December 2015

The Quintessential Doctor has confessed her identity to Fruit Pastel. How will the others face up to the news?

Originally Released: 31st December 2015

A painting at a gallery reveals a terrifying fate for two Doctors.

Originally Released: 29th January 2016

The Dynamite Doctor flipping loves Christmas. He loves it so sodding much, he wishes there were two Christmases. And it's going to take more than one Time Lord to make that dream a reality...

Originally Released: 25th July 2020