The Sorry Doctor Stories

A Sorry State of Affairs
A newly regenerated Doctor spreads chaos across the quiet village of Pastelbury, while he tries to find himself in the wake of a personal meltdown.

Originally Released: 2nd June 2015

A trip into the past brings The Doctor and David face-to-face with the serial killer Jack the Ripper.

Originally Released: 29th November 2013

A Spot of Golf
"Cosmic Golf is a fantastic game, which demands skill, concentration and a sense of fun."

Originally Released: 6th December 2013

Nightmare in Matte Grey
In the aftermath of a Cyberman massacre, The Doctor is set an impossible challenge.

Originally Released: 14th December 2013

On the Line
At the end of his latest adventure, The Doctor faces his greatest adversary yet: police incompetence.

Originally Released: 20th December 2013

Trouble at Chapel
A trip to the Sistine Chapel brings The Doctor and David face-to-face with Michelangelo. And an alien space lizard.

Originally Released: 2nd May 2014

The Daleks are back with a brand new design thanks to a sinister amoral corporation known only as the Radiophonic Workshop...

Originally Released: 14th May 2014

David's Grave
The Doctor and David come across a Space Oracle in a graveyard. And David is dead.

Originally Released: 4th June 2014

The Doctor Museum
The Doctor: The Interactive Intergalactic Exhibit. Take a tour along the recreations of key places from The Doctor's life, from his halls of residence on Gallifrey to a London Underground toilet where he battled the deadly Zarbi.

Originally Released: 24th June 2014

Salford is under attack from a cartoon character. Flakes of onion are raining down from the skies. David has lost his wallet. Pip has lost her job. Can the Doctor juggle four different crises at once?

Originally Released: 4th July 2016

No Strings Attached
Welcome to Pleasant City, the best place ever. Behold the people cartwheeling with joy. Don’t they look happy? And all of this was made possible by everyone's best friend, the Puppeteer!

Originally Released: 9th November 2016

From Telford With Love
Something sinister is afoot in the city of Telford. Back from their latest misadventure involving a civil war on Mudworld, it's time for the Doctor, David and Pip to find out what.

Originally Released: 14th September 2020