Coming Soon: Darker Paths

After the end of The Sorry Doctor's second wave and Fruit Pastel's next mad adventure, we'll be returning to The Pompous Doctor for his third wave titled Darker Paths - which is part of our most ambitious project yet!

The Pompous Doctor - Wave Three: Darker Paths [Photography (C) Ellie Boskett]
Over 10 episodes (8 stories), The Pompous Doctor finds himself on the run from a terrifying prospect. You can find out a bit more by visiting our Episode List page.

There is not an official release date yet. We've come round to just trying to release stories whenever they're ready, rather than waiting too long or letting people down. With that in mind, David's Grave will be out next week, and The Doctor Museum will follow very soon after.


  1. £20 that it's his impending regeneration and becoming Dynamite!

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  2. Isn't there another Doctor Who Audio that starts with the letters D-A-R-K (Eyes)?