Massive Casting Announcement: George Broad, Beckie Hough, Christel Dee and Dilbert the Dalek join the TARDIS crew!

Clockwise from left: George Broad, Beckie Hough,
Dilbert the Dalek and Christel Dee
We can’t keep these secrets anymore. We’ve got a lot of new people onboard for these audios - and have done for quite some time - and it’s about time we revealed a few of them…

George Broad
George Broad is joining The Fruit Pastel Doctor as The Bartender. He won’t be travelling with ol’ Fruity through space and time, but he will be taking care of The Rotten Pastel (The Doctor’s pub) while the mischievous Time-Lord is away…

Beckie Hough
This may not come as a massive surprise, as Beckie featured in one of the live-action competition winning stories last year (Back to the TARDIS). She’ll be reprising her role as Pip and will be travelling with The Sorry Doctor and David, making a TARDIS trio for his third wave.

Christel Dee
Christel is going to be playing everyone’s favourite two-dimensional Dynamite Doctor companion Christie Christwald (someone had to, and Billy’s not doing it again this time!). We’re still considering our approach to Dynamite’s first wave, but she’ll definitely be featuring in any upcoming big Multi-Doctor stories, we can promise you that!

Dilbert the Dalek
Fruit Pastel needed someone in the TARDIS, didn’t he? And Dilbert fits the bill quite beautifully. Still be played by Benji Clifford, this isn’t too much of a casting announcement, but since he’s featuring on our new banner, we had to reveal it somewhere, didn’t we?

That’s not all, there’s more news to follow casting-wise, but we’ll come back to that another time! You can view the new character profiles on the Doctors and Companions page.

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  1. Christel could be the Co-Reader to Jon in Dynamite's audio books.