"Darker Paths" Cover + Final Title Unveiled

Well, here it is! The cover for The Pompous Doctor's third wave: Darker Paths.

It reveals Jon Gransden as The Dynamite Doctor post-regeneration in The Pompous Doctor's clothes with a look of distaste.

It also confirms the title for the two parter (episodes nine and ten) that the wave shall be ending on: Martin's Last Bark.

Darker Paths begin this August with the first episode: Mortal Pomposity, and stars Billy Treacy, Britty Lea and Christopher Johnson.


  1. You can't kill Martin! and You can't name your series finale after a chapter title in that book in The Angels Take Manhattan. Or Can You...

  2. Two things: 1) looks like there's still some residual energy left over from that incident with Jon and the OneWhoFan. 2) please don't let this Martin's last bark! I don't want him to end up dead or something like Adric! Either way, GREAT cover and I can't wait to listen

  3. Uh... Terribly sorry to say this, but... there may be a typo on the cover:
    It should be "Daleks of the ApocAlypse", not "Daleks of the ApocOlypse"... right?

    1. Thanks for pointing that out! We've corrected the mistake now. Seriously, don't think you're nit-picky, it's good to know these things in the early stages! :)