The Pompous Doctor Returns This August...

We can confirm that The Pompous Doctor will be returning for his third wave of adventures (Darker Paths) this month.

We've also released a poster revealing The Pompous Doctor in a new outfit, which he will spend the majority of his wave in: a red and black boating blazer with a burgundy waistcoat, a black shirt, trousers and tie.

The stories will not be without their funny edge, but there's no doubt that the general tone for this wave is a dark one. The current tagline notes: Never Stop Running.

The Doctor (Billy Treacy) and Martin the Pug will be joined by Tim the Time Lord (Christopher Johnson) and Wren Stark (Britty Lea), and the first episode is titled Mortal Pomposity.

The title for episodes 9 and 10 (a two-parter) shall be revealed alongside the cover for the entire wave.


  1. "It's the end... But the moment has been prepared for..."

  2. "It's the end... and it has been avoided as long as sodding possible!"