Details Revealed: "The Deadly Killer" and "The Corner of the Universe"

We're really happy with the response for Mortal Pomposity so far, so we thought it only fair to share  the covers for the next two stories we're bringing out over the next couple of weeks. As you can see, The Doctor has updated his look. Most importantly, you can see the incredible Time Lord collar designed for us by the super talented Sophie Turnbull (find more of her stuff here - give her all your money!).

We also have the plot synopsis for both stories:

The Deadly Killer: There's been a murder. In the future.

The Corner of the Universe: The Cybermen have been hiding away for thousands of years. Again. Now, after all this time, they're back and stronger than ever with a new design. Again.

We can also confirm that the second adventure The Deadly Killer will be released Monday 8th September. We promise we won't let you down this time - it's already ready to go!


  1. "We can also confirm that the second adventure The Deadly Killer will be released Monday 8th AUGUST..."

    Uhh... Surely, you mean September?

    1. We've changed it to September! Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. Who Needs The Emergency Unit. The TARDIS really is falling out of time and space in The Corner of the Universe!