The Fruit Pastel Doctor's TARDIS breaks down in marshland, forcing him to hitchhike in search of scientific equipment. Meanwhile, Jim gets the lead role in the school play.

Originally Released: 7th February 2014
Part Two
The Sorry Doctor and David find themselves inside a greenhouse facing a swarm with a terrible plan. Meanwhile, Jim is getting mugged by two thugs.

Originally Released: 19th February 2014

Part Three
The Pompous Doctor and Martin uncover a scheme run by a rogue Time-Lord. As these events unfold, Jim starts to uncover revelations at his office job.

Originally Released: 13th March 2014
Part Four
The Dynamite Doctor bumps into Tulip - allegedly one of the most important people in the universe - and battles a Time Demon. As this is occurring, Jim is looking after his nan.
Originally Released: 21st March 2014