The Pompous Doctor - Wave Three: Darker Paths

Wave 3, Episode 1
Mortal Pomposity
After a mysterious force drives the TARDIS towards a white void, The Doctor is shown a vision that reveals his darkest fears.

Originally Released: 2nd September 2014

Wave 3, Episode 2
The Deadly Killer
There's been a murder. In the future.

Originally Released: 8th September 2014

Wave 3, Episode 3
The Corner of the Universe
The Cybermen have been hiding away for thousands of years. Again. Now, after all this time, they're back and stronger than ever with a new design. Again.

Originally Released: 15th September 2014

Wave 3, Episode 4
Daleks of the Apocalypse - Part One
Zombies stumble across the streets of Cardiff and Dalek saucers surround the Earth. Meanwhile, The Doctor meets someone important from his future.

Originally Released: 25th September 2014

Wave 3, Episode 5
Daleks are the masters of Earth.

Originally Released: 17th October 2014

Wave 3, Episode 6
The TARDIS lands in a plague pit in 1353. Separated from the ship, The Doctor, Wren and Tim must tackle an ancient enemy from their future.

Originally Released: 6th November 2014

Wave 3, Episode 7
The Story Teller
"I'm going to tell you a story about a world where stories are illegal to be told... That is, until The Doctor arrived..."

Originally Released: 18th November 2014

Wave 3, Episode 8
Five Credits a Month
In an attempt to make The Doctor a better man, Wren and Tim take him to Planet Debitron, a world suffering from poverty. That is, if you believe the charity appeals...

Originally Released: 12th December 2014

Wave 3, Episode 9
Martin's Last Bark - Part One
With the entire universe in pursuit of The Doctor, it seems time is finally starting to catch up with him.

Originally Released: 16th December 2014

Wave 3, Episode 10
Martin's Last Bark - Part Two
It's time to stop running...

Originally Released: 17th December 2014