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This is Richard B Brookes, enthusiast in chief for Aimless Wanderings.

As the release of War of the Doctors is imminent, it's up to me to take you on a trip through the archives and talk about the important stuff that's happened in the aimless wanderings universe that's led up to War of the Doctors.

(Not that any of the other episodes aren't important, they're all equally lovely and that).

If you’re a bit behind on the story, or want to get a friend up to speed on what’s been going on in the Aimless Wanderings universe in the run-up to tomorrow’s launch of ‘War of the Doctors’, this guide is for you.


Download the full resolution version of the timeline here.

The Aimless Wanderings Essential Catch Up Collection

The Story So Far,,,

The so called ‘Pompous’ Doctor is the fourth incarnation of the renegade Time Lord who is usually referred to as “The Doctor”. He travels through space and time with a wheezy pug dog named Martin in a rickety old time machine called The TARDIS.

While he’s on quite amiable terms with his previous two incarnations, but a chance meeting with his next incarnation charges his resolve - the last thing he wants to do is turn into the man they call ‘Dynamite’,

Synopsis: As Giant space pugs are causing havoc throughout the universe, the Doctor's "best enemy", the Master hatches a diabolical scheme involving the Doctor's canine companion.

Introduces The Sorry Doctor and The Master.

Multi Doctor Special: Doctor3

Synopsis: The Pompous Doctor is tasked by The Lord President of Gallifrey to try and deal with a renegade time lord called "The Scientist". He can't do it alone, and is lumbered with the assistance of his past incarnation "The Sorry One" and his future incarnation, a 'cosmopolitan, metrosexual, hipster-liberal-baby in possession of an illogical, inconsistent sex drive worthy of a perverse fifty year old virgin' known only as "The Dynamite Doctor".

Introduces The Dynamite Doctor and The Scientist with a special cameo appearance from The Fruit Pastel Doctor.

Synopsis: After King Radolf Randolf Fuzzlechops Randolf III (Brian) disappears ahead of an urgent diplomatic speech regarding the Blobatrons, fingers are pointed at The Pompous Doctor, whose feisty pug dog, Martin, is mistaken for the illustrious monarch. The Doctor must face his most deadly fear if he is to escape from the dungeons of Metabelis 14 and save Brian and Martin from the decidedly naughty Grudgeworthy.

Introduces King Brian of Metabelis 14 and the Blobatrons of Spottron Pi. First mention of Geoff the Axon.

Synopsis: The Doctor arrives at a Hospital for Poorly Daleks in order to pay a visit to an old enemy for one last time.

Introduces Davros.

Synopsis: “Why is it people don’t talk in lifts on Earth?!” asks the Fruit Pastel Doctor - little does he know, he’s about to become very well acquainted with the denizens of the lift he’s in… including a megalomaniacal logician with the intention to become Master of the Lift.

Introduces Eric Klieg, Master of the World.

Synopsis: The Doctor is an awful person. Four incarnations of the Doctor are summoned to a mysterious white void where they may meet without suffering dire consequences (and also drink copious amounts of tea) to answer the summons of a man named Jim. A man whose life the Doctor had made a living hell.

Introduces Jim and The Journalist.

Synopsis: The Doctor and his new BFF Christie Christwald visit Geoff the Axon in Cardiff but before long, everything’s goes a bit dynamite with the arrival of the Time Devils. Christie has to travel through the Doctor’s time stream and visit his past lives in order to save his life.

Introduces Christie Christwald, Geoff the Axon and The Original Doctor.

Synopsis: The Daleks have been upgraded, and a sinister, mysterious force called ‘The Radiophonic Workshop’ is behind it. Will The Doctor and David manage to sit through their terrifying new product demonstration?

Introduces the iDaleks, Dilbert, The Radiophonic Workshop and the Entrepreneur.

Synopsis: When the TARDIS arrives in a familiar white void, the Doctor expects the worst, but instead gets an unexpected visit from himself… from the future.

The start of the Pompous Doctor's regeneration cycle. Introduces the Flickerer, Tim, Wren and 'Tea Room' Pompous.

Synopsis: The Doctor is bought to Gallifrey at the behest of the Scientist, who introduces him to Time Lord-in-training, Tim. The Scientist has seen into the future that a murder is about to take place, but not just any murder… his own murder.

Introduces Tim (again). Return of The Scientist.

Synopsis: Arriving in Cardiff, the Doctor and Tim soon discover that a hideous infection has caused humanity to turn into mindless zombies. Then some Daleks turn up…
The duo meet Wren Stark and Douglas Grawads, survivors of the apocalypse - the very same Wren Stark the Doctor was told he’d sacrifice himself for.

Introduces Wren Stark (again). Return of Davros.

Synopsis: Landing in a plague pit in the 14th Century, the Doctor, Wren and Tim soon learn that they’re being hunted by an ancient evil - a cosmic force who manages to balance of the universe - known only as ‘The Flickerer’.

Introduces the Flickerer (again).

Synopsis: “Doctor?! What have you done?!” - The Tardis trio arrives on the charity planet Debitron, where the Doctor is shocked to the core after discovering nothing but overwhelming greed. When challenged, the Doctor makes Debitron an offer it can’t refuse...

Synopsis: The Doctor has gone too far, on the run from the authorities for destroying Debitron and cornered by the malevolent Flickerer - but the only thing on the Doctor’s mind is what’s happened to his chubby little pug dog, Martin.

Martin's Last Bark forms the end of the Pompous Doctor's regeneration cycle and is the precursor to War of the Doctors.

...The Story So Far

The so called ‘Pompous’ Doctor is the fourth incarnation of the renegade Time Lord who is usually referred to as “The Doctor”. He travels through space and time with a miserable Time Lord named Tim in a rickety old time machine called The TARDIS.

He’s left desolation in his wake, doesn't speak to any of his other incarnations anymore, and a chance meeting with his future self has changed him irrevocably - the last thing that’s going to happen is him is become the man they call ‘Dynamite’.

War of the Doctors: Part One is released on the 31st January 2014.

The complete Aimless Wanderings archive is currently available to download on iTunes.

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