The Pompous Doctor Stories

The Doctor and his newest companion Martin the Pug confront an enemy within the walls of their own home.

Originally Released: 20th September 2013

Patience of the Daleks
A long line of spaceships are lining up towards Planet Earth, and a set of old enemies are within it.

Originally Released: 7th October 2013

The English Country Garden
It's Oxford in the 1940s, and the TARDIS landing on a flowerbed sets off an extraordinary chain of events.

Originally Released: 21st October 2013

The Pug Masterplan
The Doctor discovers the truth about Martin's purpose in the TARDIS during a confrontation with his best enemy: the Master.

Originally Released: 1st November 2013

A Pompous New Year
The Doctor and Martin transmit a message through space and time for you loyal listeners.

Originally Released: 31st December 2013

The Eleven Doctors
Eleven Doctors, one room, and the most convoluted plot conceivable.

Originally Released: 3rd January 2014

Off to the Shops
A lack of dog food brings the Doctor to a cosmic supermarket, where a few old enemies are lying in wait.

Originally Released: 9th January 2014

A Good Pug Goes to War
In a case of mistaken identity, Martin becomes the King of an entire planet. Meanwhile, the Doctor is put into prison for kidnapping - and there's someone waiting there for him...

Originally Released: 28th January 2014

Death to the Davros
Davros is dying, and his final visitor also happens to be his mortal enemy.

Originally Released: 2nd February 2014

Mortal Pomposity
After a mysterious force drives the TARDIS towards a white void, the Doctor is shown a vision that reveals his darkest fears.

Originally Released: 2nd September 2014

The Deadly Killer
There's been a murder. In the future.

Originally Released: 8th September 2014

The Corner of the Universe
The Cybermen have been hiding away for thousands of years. Again. Now, after all this time, they're back and stronger than ever with a new design. Again.

Originally Released: 15th September 2014

Daleks of the Apocalypse - Part One
Zombies stumble across the streets of Cardiff and Dalek saucers surround the Earth. Meanwhile, the Doctor meets someone important from his future.

Originally Released: 25th September 2014

Daleks of the Apocalypse - Part Two
Daleks are the masters of Earth.

Originally Released: 17th October 2014

The TARDIS lands in a plague pit in 1353. Separated from the ship, the Doctor, Wren and Tim must tackle an ancient enemy from their future.

Originally Released: 6th November 2014

The Story Teller
"I'm going to tell you a story about a world where stories are illegal to be told... That is, until the Doctor arrived..."

Originally Released: 18th November 2014

Five Credits a Month
In an attempt to make the Doctor a better man, Wren and Tim take him to Planet Debitron, a world suffering from poverty. That is, if you believe the charity appeals...

Originally Released: 12th December 2014

Martin's Last Bark - Part One
With the entire universe in pursuit of the Doctor, it seems time is finally starting to catch up with him.

Originally Released: 16th December 2014

Martin's Last Bark - Part Two
It's time to stop running...

Originally Released: 17th December 2014

On a distant and desolate world, hidden on a previously undiscovered spiral arm of an unpopular galaxy, the Doctor lives out his days, counting his sins for a thousand years. Until, on one particularly grey day, an old friend arrives at the door of his cabin...

Originally Released: 18th March 2018

When William Shakespeare is kidnapped by a Frenchman, it's up to the Doctor and Mute to save the bard before what's done is done...

Originally Released: 3rd December 2021

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