The Pompous Doctor Stories

Follow The Doctor and his glamorous companion Martin the Pug, as they travel through space and time on a series of rather bizarre adventures.

Originally Released: 20th September - 1st November 2013

The Doctor and Martin continue their adventures, encountering temporal paradoxes, cosmic shopping centres, Metebelis 14 and an old enemy.

Originally Released: 31st December 2013 - 2nd February 2014

The Doctor finds himself on the run from a terrifying prospect.

Originally Released: 2nd September 2014 - 17th December 2014

On a distant and desolate world, hidden on a previously undiscovered spiral arm of an unpopular galaxy, the Doctor lives out his days, counting his sins for a thousand years. Until, on one particularly grey day, an old friend arrives at the door of his cabin...

Originally Released: 18th March 2018